• Exclusive AU/NZ distribution partnership a key step towards working with more government stakeholders to accelerate planning capabilities and facilitate a transparent DA process.
  • Archistar platform to enhance the capability of Strategic Planners, Assessment Officers, and other council staff to speed up delivery of strategic planning through to statutory approvals.

For more than 15 years, Redman Solutions has helped over 250 local government clients across Australia and New Zealand connect process and technology with people and purpose.

We are committed to exploring, and bringing to market, new and innovative solutions that allow for open, accessible planning outcomes and enable planning authorities to transform the way services and information can be accessed by stakeholders.

Redman Solutions CEO, Michael Redman, sees the introduction of the Archistar platform into the Redman stable of solutions as a key step towards working with more government stakeholders who are interested in improving transparency and accelerating their planning process.

“We are excited to partner with Archistar and bring a world-first technology to the local government sector that will enable flow on benefits to the broader community,” Mr Redman said.

“We can see significant benefits for Assessment Officers, Strategic Planners and other council staff using the Archistar platform to enhance capability from strategic planning right through to statutory approvals,” he continued.

Archistar Founder & CEO Dr. Benjamin Coorey said he is delighted to have signed the partnership with Redman Solutions who are heavily invested in shaping the future of planning in local government.

“Long delays in the DA process have become far too common, with the flow on effect being stalled projects and increased costs. With over six percent of Australia’s GDP coming from construction, it’s vital we help local councils get appropriate, compliant projects moving and Archistar’s technology is an enabler in this space,” Mr Coorey said.

“Together with Redman Solutions, we intend to make Archistar a widely used platform that enriches conversations between planners, developers and the community,” he continued.

The Archistar solution allows users to make vital compliance checks quickly before submitting a pre-DA application. Users can access a fully interactive database of council rules and immediately check these against AI-generated building designs. Early adopters of Archistar technology include NSW Transport, NSW Property, Frankston City Council and 15 local council areas.

Archistar will host a series of events in early October to showcase the new technology. More information on the events can be found here:

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About Redman Solutions

Redman Solutions embraces change, innovation and collaboration to enhance Council performance. We build partnerships with councils and support them with people-first technology solutions that improve effectiveness, engagement and responsiveness so teams, communities and the environment can flourish. With over 15 years of experience and over 250 council clients across Australia and New Zealand we strive to meet every council where they’re at and help them realise the future they want to build for their communities.

About Archistar

Archistar lets property professionals and home-owners click on any block of land to instantly see what can be built. It also has generative features that asses design factors like light, ventilation and privacy. The platform is used by agents, developers, architects, government planners and home-owners and has the objective of becoming the central marketplace for development.