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Webinar: How generative design is changing building design

Tuesday, July 27th at 9 am (BST)

Keynote Speaker: Dr Ben Coorey

Dr Ben Coorey is the founder and CEO of Archistar, and a global leading expert in Architecture and Generative Design. 

Webinar Details

Join us on Thursday, July 27th at 9 am (BST) for our inaugural UK webinar on How Generative Design Is Changing Building Design. Learn how AEC professionals unlock innovation and design efficiency by incorporating generative design into their workflow.

We’ll reveal how Archistar can help you create hundreds of concept building designs in only a matter of minutes taking compliance, building and environmental requirements into account.

Topics discussed:

  • Real-world applications of generative design in architecture and building design
  • Traditional design vs generative design: what does the future hold?
  • How generative design can improve automation and optimisation in the AEC industry
  • How developers, planners, architects and home builders can use generative design to plan large master plan sites
  • How to bring generative design into your workflow to unlock innovation and design efficiency

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