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Archistar Discovery Workshop

£4,000 / 4,500 (One-off)
Normally £15,000 / €17,500

What’s included:

  • Tailored Archistar Discovery Sessions & Workshop: Dr. Ben & the Archistar Generative Design team will consult with you to scope generative opportunities for your business. This is a flexible process that can result in anything from roadmaps to proof-of-concepts, or a full platform solution.
  • Free Archistar Academy: Company-wide 1 year access to Archistar’s online learning platform. Upskill and equip your staff with practical technical skills. A standard company license is normally £10,000/year.
  • No Obligation: Fill out the form to secure this offer. You will not be locked into any paying contract and can back out at any time.

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