Archistar Property Intelligence

Our world-first artificial intelligence helps property professionals find profitable development sites, assess for feasibility and generate dozens of architectural design strategies – all within a few minutes


Discover profitable, underdeveloped sites in minutes

High Definition Data Visualisation

Visualise Australia’s largest Zoning database on a single fast, high-fidelity map. Toggle on satellite imagery, flood zones, bushfire areas, heritage listings, contours and more.

Advanced Search Filters

Discover off-market development opportunities in an instant. Only like to work on certain building types, zones or lot sizes? Set your criteria and search anywhere in Australia.

“In a softening property market with tighter lending conditions, there is less margin for error and Archistar’s technology is helping us make more informed development decisions. Since using the platform, we have already assessed over 200 sites.

Frank Scarf

Director, Arissa Property Group


Make confident decisions using property data from Australia’s most trusted providers

Unique Insights – All the Best Data In One Platform

Only we combine Nearmap, Domain, CoreLogic RP Data, Commercial Real Estate & Cordell Development data in a single cost-effective subscription.

Is This Site Feasible? Is It Compliant With Council?

Understand the hidden development potential of your portfolio. Run a Quick Estimate on your site to see if development is an option – then use our Digital Library to get instant access to local planning controls.

 “Typically we’d have to use more than 4 different planning platforms or software in order to investigate one site. Time, conflicting data and confusion have been taken out of the equation. Now we can use a single platform that contains all the data that we need.”

Harj Ruppal

Director, Ralton Property Group


Conduct time-consuming, costly design work in a matter of minutes with our world-first AI

Archistar Parametric Design Generator

Congratulations, you’ve identified sites with significant development potential. Now use our Design Generator AI to instantly create dozens of beautiful design strategies – put the power of expensive, early design work in your hands.

Archistar Property Analytics Engine

Unit Mix, Sunlight, Cross Ventilation & Overshadowing – all normally assessed later in the design process. Our analytics engine immediately calculates and assesses each generated design against these requirements.

Archistar has filled that missing link. We can run the early stage feasibility and design without doing too much research or paying a lot of money to consultants. And that’s a huge advantage for our business.”

Michael Norman

Director, Arcadian Developments


Property Developers

It’s simple. We help property developers save months of work and thousands of dollars by consolidating numerous property data sources on a single platform. We give you tools to augment your existing processes so you can make confident decisions in a softening market. Learn More >

“The time and effort that Archistar saves us is outstanding. We have seen significant increases in productivity as this powerful platform does a large amount of the work for our staff.”

Michael Norman

Director, Arcadian Developments

Local Government

We allow local government to understand in seconds what potential might be realised for the community through zoning, regulation and compliant developments. As a pre-DA assessment tool, Archistar has no equal. Learn More >

We are currently working on a project with Frankston Council in Victoria to load their DCP data into our platform. This will allow property developers to evaluate their designs against unique local planning rules.

Join the growing number of councils working with Archistar!

Universities / Educators

Archistar Academy is an online learning platform designed to teach technical design skills using the Rapid Learning Methodology. With a complete library of training content from Rhino, Revit to Grasshopper, teach your students and staff so you can focus on design. Visit Archistar Academy >

“This learning platform is world class. Our first and second-year students are now producing work previously only reserved for Masters-level students.”

Professor M. Hank Haeusler

Director of Computational Design, UNSW

Blog & Announcements

Clients & Partners

Integrated Partner Data

Understand and assess sites in an instant with powerful data layers from partners. Pulling together a wealth of information and displaying it in a single, easy-to-use platform, Archistar allows you to assess & research properties in a fraction of the time.

Want to display your data, reports or services on the Archistar Platform?

Our Visionary Founder

Dr. Benjamin Coorey
PhD Architecture
M Digital Architecture
B Architecture (Hons I)
B Design (Architecture/Digital Media)

Dr. Coorey completed a PhD in generative design and has dedicated his working career to consulting, educating and developing cutting edge technology to revolutionise the architectural design and property industries.