Archistar for Architects

Join the growing number of architects incorporating parametric & generative design in their workflow.

  • Access planning details for any site in Australia
  • Create dozens of concept designs in seconds
  • One-click professional reports for clients

Let Archistar do all of the repetitive, time consuming pre-work so you can focus on design.

Archistar helps improve the research and design efficiency of the following firms

Step by step – How Archistar works for Architects

Step 1 – Smash through the initial research phase

What is allowed on this specific site?

Planning details can be confusing and time consuming to research.

We’ve put in over 100,000 hours researching planning documents across Australia. You can click on any lot in the Archistar platform and instantly view planning rules and overlays in a reader friendly format.

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Context – Nothing is designed in a vacuum

We provide you with numerous data layers to understand the local context. Overlay 3D buildings to visualise your designs against other buildings and bring in contours, maximum building height, zoning, heritage and more to learn exactly what you’re working with.

Archistar for Government and Town Planners

Nearmap High Resolution Aerial Imagery

Within the Archistar platform, get the latest possible aerial imagery from Nearmap to survey the nearby landscape.

Nearmap is one of many addons that enrich your initial research – CoreLogic RP Data, Domain, Commercial Real Estate and BCI Australia are all included in our Professional package.

 Step 2 – Augment your design pipeline with Generative Design and Environmental Analysis

Generative Design – Get dozens of concepts

Use our defaults, pulled from local planning documents or enter your own experimental values. Hit ‘Generate’ and get dozens of beautiful designs displayed real-time in 3D on your browser.

Our world-first Design Generator AI can currently generate duplexes, townhouses, subdivisions, apartments, mixed use, hotels and commercial buildings.

Precinct Generator on Archistar

Instant AI Analysis

Our Property Analytics engine automatically assesses all generated designs for sunlight, cross-ventilation, building separation, ground shadows and more.

Wow your clients by presenting this mid/late stage analysis at the beginning of your engagement.

Export and bring it to life

At any point, you can extract any designs to your favourite CAD program to turn it into a design worthy of your brand.

We plug into your existing workflow to get the best of both worlds when it comes to Human + AI. The AI can suggest basic concepts in bulk but it is up to human creativity to bring it to life.

Step 3 – Go the extra mile with one-click feasibility & due diligence

Auto Feasibility on every design

Our Static Feasibility calculator lets you understand return on investment on all of your newly generated designs.

Where available, we pre-fill fields with values from planning rules and recent sales data from Domain & CoreLogic RP Data. Building costs are sourced from the Cordell Costings database.

Unlimited Professionally Branded Reports

Clicking ‘Download Report’ will give you a Development Due Diligence report, consolidating everything you know about the site.

It will pull in all planning details, layers, market insights, government reference documents… then brand it with your name and logo!

The report will also pull in your top three concept designs along with their property analytics and static feasibility calculations.

Congratulations, you have saved an immense amount of time on research and preliminary concepts – enjoy flexing your design muscles on your exported concepts!

Let us show you how it’s done in your territory.

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Clients & Partners

Property Council of Australia Member 2021

Integrated Partner Data

Understand and assess sites in an instant with powerful data layers from partners. Pulling together a wealth of information and displaying it in a single, easy-to-use platform, Archistar allows you to assess & research properties in a fraction of the time.

Want to display your data, reports or services on the Archistar Platform?

Our Visionary Founder

Dr. Benjamin Coorey
PhD Architecture
M Digital Architecture
B Architecture (Hons I)
B Design (Architecture/Digital Media)

Dr. Coorey completed a PhD in generative design and has dedicated his working career to consulting, educating and developing cutting edge technology to revolutionise the architectural design and property industries.